Wednesday, April 28, 2010

5 days to go!

hello blogging world, first time bloggers and newlyweds here! after 4 amazing years of friendship and love, we finally decided to tie the knot.

many of you know our (and i'll use the term "our" loosely) fascination with disney. i mean, who really visits disney world every 2 to 3 weeks? anyway, as a little mermaid freak, i've ALWAYS wanted to visit mermaid lagoon at tokyo's disneysea, so that's exactly where we're going - along with a few other disney locations! the trip officially starts may 3rd landing in barcelona for one pre-night before our ....drumrolllllll... 10 day disney mediterranean cruise stopping in tunisia, corsica and malta to name a few. then, we'll go back to barcelona for 2 days, madrid for 3, traverse italy from north to south for 10 days, drumrolllllll again, a week in paris to visit disneyland pariss!! yaaayyy!!! and the best part of the trip, a whole week in japan with multiple visits to tokyo's disneysea and disneyland!

many have asked us, why exactly are you going to spend so much time with the mouse when you're supposed to be having a romantic honeymoon?. my answer is, "it's our party and we'll cry if we want to". in other words, this is something we've talked about for so long and thanks to our wonderful lord, we are able to take an amazing honeymoon. we have a lot of time in places that are non-disney related like spain, italy and a big portion of japan, and france so we feel that it's a good balance of romantic and fun activities!

we'll be updating every night (hopefully - if we're not too tired) and sharing our adventures and pictures with all of you! feel free to leave comments.

i have to get back to packing and picking the excursions so i must go now!

pedro and nat