Friday, June 4, 2010

villefrance,france (may 12)

hello! this day of the cruise was quite the adventurous one. we went white water river rafting in villefranche (close to Monaco and Eze). well, actually, we docked in villefranche but were taken up to the amazing mountains of Tout de Sur for this excursion. our idea of this trip was far from reality. we were under the impression that disney cared for the lives of their passengers but i guessed wrong. first, it was hailing - yes, golf size balls of hail hitting our heads. (i had never seen hail before - its not common in miami). then it was lightning, thundering and massive gusts of winds. the river was wailing and we were headed right for it. after the shock of getting into our bathing suits (in the haily 30 degree weather) we put on our wetsuits and jackets and headed to what i thought was a raft for all the people in the group -WRONG AGAIN. pedro and i had to take our own blow up raft to face the river on our own. instinct told me to back out but i figured might as well give it a shot. i am not exagerating at all but the minute we put our feet in the water, they went numb. the water mixed with the outside temperature and wind was so cold i could not feel my extremities. it was very fun but nerve wrecking trying to remain alive. enjoy the pics! some are dark since we had to use an underwater disposable camara and there was no sun - sorry!

pedro and nat

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  1. All the pictures are really great. Nice look in the wet suits. If natalie keeps on jumping she's going to bust an ankle. we're glad you guys are having a fantastic time over there. Betty wants some aunthentic suchi. Ill get her some from publix. I really think your trip is cool, I hope to be able to do something like that. PS... the weather is horrible, hot and storms frequently. Stay longer if you can and visit Australia.

    Be safe , Continue having fun

    Betty and Mike