Wednesday, May 26, 2010

capri, sorrento and pompeii (may 9)

oh capri! there are no words for this amazing little island! all the beautiful things in nature you can think of were jam packed into this tiny little place. our tour started with a jetfoil ride to the island followed by a furnicular (cable car on the side of the mountain) up to the city center. the streets are lined with shops like gucci, ferragamo, prada etc. (my kind of shopping - yea right!) we ate the most delicious granita di limon and bought some bottles of limoncello to bring back home. capri is definitely "must come back for at least 2 weeks trip" material.

after a great morning in capri, we took a jetfoil back to the mainland but ported in the city of sorrento instead. sorrento is a more commercial capri. the streets are very beautiful but if i did not count a million tourists, i did not count any at all. we had lunch in a cute little restaurant and people watched while we rested our legs. an italian woman was walking her dog in front of the restaurant when i hear her say "mona, veni qua" - the dog jumped onto the scooter and they both rode off into the sunset lol. it was hillarious! (picture below)

when lunch was over, we took a drive over to visit the ruins of pompeii. it really doesnt compare to what one can see on the internet or in pictures. pompeii was huge and eerie.

ok, im done talking! enjoy the pics!!

pedro and nat

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