Tuesday, May 4, 2010

monday madness (may 3)

hi everyone! well, as many of you know, i'm quite dramatic so picture this: pedro and i being driven to the airport. wind blowing in our hair (courtesy of the a/c since it was horribly HOT) holding hands dreaming of landing safely in Barcelona within just a couple of hours and having the honeymoon of our dreams. i step through the automatic doors and am greeted by an aa representative to direct us to our check in spot. "where are you going ma'am?" she asks, proudly and with a huge smile on my face i respond, "mia to jfk, jfk to barcelona". "all flights to new york are cancelled, get in that line over there and see IF they can do anything for you". this is when the palpitations and cold sweats started. "what the heck do you mean ALL flights are cancelled i literally just walked in". a half hour in the stupid cancellation line along with half of miami behind us, we met maria. she is the rudest yet nicest aa representative i've met (she was emotionless but worked so hard for us i wanted to hug her). she initially wanted to reroute us through chicago, then jfk, then barcelona. in other words, we'd be traveling for 2 whole days before reaching spain. defeated, i say fine, we have no other option. she must have felt my pain and said she would look again. long story short, we made it from miami to madrid (with only a 5 hour delay at the airport) and madrid to barcelona all within one day and time to tour barcelona before the cruise.

stay tuned for part 2 (touring barcelona on foot). it's already 2am here and we are dead tired! we probably won't get to update until we are off the cruise - depending on how much wi-fi costs so ttfn!

as the spanish would say, adios, vale!

pedro and nat

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  1. Crazy start to an awesome trip. What better way to start off the story of your honeymoon.
    B and I are really glad that you guys arrived on time to enjoy Barcelona and to get on your boat.

    Have fun

    Betty and Mike