Friday, May 21, 2010

wacky wednesday part 2 (may 5)

wednesday afternoon after the segway tour, we took a taxi to the port and got ready for our 10 day adventure with disney! i love disney, no really, i do and this cruise has been everything i expected it to be. the service is phenomenal, the decorations are great and the ambiance is joyful! we spent the day exploring the ship looking for places we would like to hang out during down time. after dinner, we were invited to an adult only scavenger hunt. i won’t bore you with the details but it was hilarious!!! the host would call out items that we needed to bring to him and let’s just say that by the end of the night, pedro held hands with another man skipping down the platform. another teammate had to wear a bra over his shirt, his wife’s shoes, lipstick and a purse while doing an “i’m too sexy for shirt” dance. all this time i believed we were on a wholesome disney cruise – yea right! disney is all about treating their guests like super v.i.p.’s. as soon as we reached our cabin, the metal doors held two magnets bearing the dvc logo. dvc=disney vacation club – timeshare for you non-disney people. so, as members, we received these super cute magnets in the shape of mickey’s head stuck to our door. within a few minutes, we received a knock on the door and a hearty “welcome home” (slogan between disney and its members) and were presented with a beautiful wooden box that contained our “key to the world” cards lanyard holder with the dvc logos. like i said before, i love disney. there really is no better experience than cruising with them. even if you can only sail for a couple days, do so with disney- they are the best!

a special thanks to our wonderful travel agents ronni and neil from pinecrest travel. (thanks for the wine in our room!!) if it weren’t for neil and ronni, we probably would not have been able to go on our awesome honeymoon! while every agency we went to wanted to charge us so much for airfare and hotels, pinecrest travel gave us a heck of a deal! thanks thanks and thanks!!

we look forward to enjoying every minute of sailing with mickey! enjoy the pics!
pedro and nat

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