Tuesday, May 18, 2010

wacky wednesday (may 5)

im a bit delayed on blog updates so sorry if the previous and today’s post are kinda jumbled – ive literally been without rest.

wednesday started with a good 3 hour sleep last due to still being a bit jet-lagged. nevertheless, were very excited for the segway tour around barcelona. we went downstairs and had a grand buffet breakfast. I thought it would be very crappy compared to american buffet breakfast’s but we were very pleased with the food selection.

after breakfast we walked over to plaza sant jaume where we waited for edgar our tour guide. its only the beginning of our trip but this segway tour was amazing! edgar took us around places where we were able to actually experience the true flavors of barcelona. we stopped along paths where you can still see the old roman walls, a small candy factory where we sampled handmade lollipops and a great ride along the pier, port and barceloneta beach. our segway tour guide edgar uses the running shoes ive been looking into getting for some time now – aren’t they cool? (theyre called vibram five fingers) im sure the pictures will speak louder than words so please enjoy!

wednesday after the segway tour, we board our 10 day disney mediterranean cruise so stay tuned!


pedro and nat

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  1. From B and Mike. I'm confused about the order of the blog but who cares. The pictures are great. That guys shoes are funny I want a pair. The graffiti is really cool ,different. One of those graffiti characters has a penis, WTF.It looks like allot of fun. I know one of you fell on those segways. Continue having a great time.