Friday, May 21, 2010

valleta, malta (may 7)

malta is a gorgeous country. the port is absolutely the most scenic and beautiful port we’ve docked at so far. we didn’t get to actually walk too much in la valleta (capital of malta) because our excursion took us to the nearby island of gozo. at first we felt that we missed out by not visiting la valleta but once we were on our way to gozo, we didn’t regret it one bit. there were 2 or 3 other ships docking with us meaning that the narrow streets of la valleta would be impossible to enjoy. gozo is about 45 minutes by a fast boat – 1 hour on the way back since the sea got a little rough.

our gozo adventure started with like i mentioned, a 45 minute boat ride. as soon as we landed, we boarded 4x4 open top jeeps to explore the 4 or 5 villages that make up gozo. we drove around and saw many churches and goats. the people of malta and gozo are very welcoming. we also drove by very old salt pans which are basically shallow ditches in the rocks that the romans (and now the malteses people) pour salt water into, wait for the water to evaporate and collect the sand for export or to sell locally. another stop we made was the “blue window” area of gozo. we boarded a small boat that took us around and into caves set in the most blue of oceans ive ever seen. the water was incredibly clear and absolutely breathtaking amongst the high and contrasting sand color cliffs. the “blue window” is a collection of rocks that form a rectangle shape framing the ocean right in front or behind it (depending where you’re looking from). pedro and i tried home-made gozitan pizza and ice cream. the pizza was so-so but the ice cream was delicious! there were bits of nuts and the actual vanilla bean –pure deliciousness!! it’s very sad that i’m not a good writer because there are just so many beautiful things to say about malta and gozo. you will just have to enjoy it by pictures.

pedro and nat

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  1. como estan , estamos bien disfrutando el cumpleano de beatriz. Las fotos estan muy bonita, lasvi en casa de maikel. cuidense. los quiero. Mami.